Pablo Maeso

Pablo Maeso

Barcelona 1964

Pablo Maeso (Barcelona, 1964) graduated in Fine Arts in 1998 and obtained the CAP the same year, from the University of Sant Jordi in Barcelona. His artwork is present in collections such as Luis Bassat, Cocacola Collection, Santander Bank, Suñol Foundation or Ernesto Ventos Visual Odor Collection.

The starting point of Maeso's work is a daily idea for the viewer with which to move it and it can identify. In his works, we can see characters in attitudes with which to see ourselves reflected: amazement, meditation... moods that every human being experiences.

With very suggestive scenes and, on many occasions, well-known characters, Pablo Maeso creates images of where to extract and see stories. The anecdotal becomes a story.

Exhibitions of Pablo Maeso